Give your customers the content they want to see and find

Our artificial intelligence helps you learn about your customers and use that information to deliver the content they desire.

We are revolutionising how users find and explore your content. 

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We make personalisation easy – Use our intelligent content platform to deliver and create personalised content at scale

We have developed revolutionary new technology that automatically personalises your content based on what your customers want to see. Our artificial intelligence helps you learn about your customers and use that information to deliver the content they desire.

Immediately improve:

  • Next click content
  • Customer journeys and reduced pain points
  • Site Search
Our AI-based platform delivers real time content recommendations. This means engagement is increased and goals can be meaningfully applied. 

Globe iconArtifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

Apply intelligent recommendations to your content.

scales in balanceTeam with AI

Build custom applications or tap into our machine learning platform to showcase your content and grow engagement. 

lightning iconPersonalised Content

Offer and Create content that speaks directly to customers and drives action
It’s a bit like having Netflix but on your own site. The technology can be applied not only to articles and blogs but also to e-commerce sites to drive conversions. 
We are now combining personalised content with the latest in language processing to be able to create headlines, sub-headlines and paragraphs based on your user engagement. It’s like self-writing snippets that significantly improve engagement and discoverability. You can really show your users that you’re listening, responding and helping. Forrester did some interesting research that said:

There’s an opportunity for a 33 percent increase in customer loyalty and engagement, with companies seeing as much as 11 percent reduction in marketing costs just by having a personalization strategy. 

Starting on the journey towards personalization drives value: Companies can see an almost 6 percent increase in sales revenue, just by personalizing experiences, even if they aren’t doing it at scale*

 If you have targets for 2021 to grow sales and reduce costs it may be worth having a quick chat to see if we can help. Drop us a line now
*Source here

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