Customer AI for Business

Artificial Intelligence offers Businesses the promise of vastly improved productivity. Our mission is make Everyone, More Productive, Everyday.

It's all about you

Data is central to your business. How well you understand your market and what is going to happen makes a profound difference to the top and bottom line. 
That’s what we do. We can help every business improve performance and we do that by using our unique AI platform. 

What we believe

We believe in great quality work at a great value price. Our work is focused on helping you to achieve your organisational objectives in a sustainable and profitable way. We work with you as partners. We share in the success we will help you achieve. 

A changing landscape

The world is changing and is getting smarter. It’s also more complex. You are being tasked to manage this complexity and improve your input. We’re here to help you navigate that landscape and deal with the complexity. 

The future is using simple to use AI

AI can mean great gains for your organisation. We help by making AI simple to understand and use within your organisation. We also make it simple for your customers to see the benefits. 

What we do differently...


We are focused on business outcomes

Artificial intelligence has the power to significantly contribute to your business, first and foremost that is what is exciting for us.


We help turn your data into a strategic, actionable asset

You probably have lots of data and that data is continually growing. We help you know what’s important, what matters and how to leverage it.


Unified integrations

We bring your data together to give you robust foundations. Our experts in Data Engineering ensure your data can perform for you. 


Intelligent processing

Our customisable AI adds value through intelligent processing. This isn’t reactive reporting, this is dynamic, proactive intelligence that is specific to your business.


We empower you to be the best you can be

Using AI should be easy. We offer you all the benefits of cutting edge tech, without the headaches. 


Deep insights

Knowledge is power and intelligent knowledge is even more powerful. We deliver end-to-end, allowing you to gain deeper, more insightful plans. 

User Interface - Palm AI

We help move your business forward...faster

We understand the problems businesses are faced with and how hard it is to keep up with an ever evolving technology landscape. We are here to work with you to tackle your individual needs.

Palm AI CRM Flow Diagram

Current organisational challenges...




Future data goals...