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Our AI-based Business tools offering helps you to keep focused on delivering business outcomes no matter where you are on the AI journey.


Optimise end-to-end Business Planning. Use our AI-based platform to gain real insights

Customer Heartbeat

Understand your Customers and empower Sales


Superpowers are focused solutions for particular business problems. This is our menu of AI solutions for particular tasks that need improvement.

What is Utopia?

Utopia is our end-to-end Planning Tool. Actionable insights, predictive analytics and always-on, optimised Planning Management

User Interface - Palm AI

AI-based Planning is more accurate, faster and smarter than traditional tools. 

Typically, you will realise 10-15% improvements. 

This is due to 3 pillars:

  • You will have greater end-to-end visibility
  • You will have Scenario Planning capabilities that empower you to make better decisions
  • Your Master Data management will be significantly better and more automated

Customisable and scalable for your business, Utopia offers leading edge technology and robust data modelling to help drive your  Planning. It’s a war room, it’s an intelligent Sales & Operations system, it’s a reporting and forecasting tool, it’s your customer engagement system and it’s your single view of the truth.

It takes what you do today and makes it a great deal better.

Accuracy is everything

Without accuracy and precision Demand Planning is a waste of time. AI-based DP solves the problem. 

Finger on the pulse

On the spot reporting to save you time and effort. Automated analysis to help give meaning. Anomaly detection to flag changes.

Predictive analytics

More accurate forecasts with customer level analysis to offer next best action. Prioritisation guardrails keep strategies on track.


Being able to automate prioritisation reduces the need for human input and error on critical deliverables. 

Across all channels

Understand how the customer journey impacts Demand and Supply planning as your channel mix changes

Easy integration

Our microservices architecture enables us to get you up and running quickly, with little fuss.

What is Customer Heartbeat?

Customer Heartbeat is what we put at the heart of our Planning solution.

We use AI to better understand how your customers behave. This opens up a wealth of opportunity for you and for them. 

Customer Heartbeat utilises your order data, transaction data, website and CRM data to understand how your customers behave, when, where, how and why they buy. 
We overlay this insight with contextual data that is relevant for your industry and markets. This builds a more complex, but simplified, version of your customer base. 

Makes you smarter, faster. 

Customer Heartbeat lets you...

Grow Profits

Build opportunities to improve profits at a one-to-one level with customers 

Grow value

Increase lifetime value – leverage brand, relationships and value equity

Prevent churn

Intervene appropriately to stop customers switching – predict when and why. 

What are Superpowers?

Superpowers are focused solutions for particular business problems. This is our menu of AI solutions for particular tasks that need improvement.

Superpowers allow you to...

Scenario Plan

Answer What if questions, move quickly, get answer


Power up on a particular problem. Gain deep insights to be able to scale solutions for your business.


Boost your chances of success and maximise return. Delivery is fundamental and our team is here to help.

What can Superpowers do?

Our Superpowers address particular problems that need fixing. They are designed for businesses that need help with particular problems. Our tools are ready to help.  

Demand Planning

Cross and upsell

SKU forecasts

Customer acquisition

Range & Category Planning

Inventory management

Inventory Optimisation

Transportation scheduling

Dynamic Pricing

Promotional Strategy

Marketing & Sales attribution

Sales Territory calibration

Pricing Strategy

Customer Service Classification

Category forecasting

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Benefits of using Palm AI...

Palm AI's products and services have been designed to allow you to access the power of AI without large investments in people or technology.

Key benefits include...

Focused on business outcomes not tech

Quick to start and deliver value

Customisable for your business

Highest quality work, great value costs

Defined success criteria

Partnership model

People first training to grow collaboration

Data-driven decision making and agile mindsets