About Palm AI

Palm AI is here to help you work smarter and faster. Every organisation can benefit from using Artificial Intelligence to make their processes more intelligent whatever your objectives.

Artificial Intelligence and its uses are growing in significance every day. We want to help every organisation be able to harness this technology to make a significant difference. 

It is clear that Artificial Intelligence is a foundational technology. This means that it will provide a means to modernise different domains and how they actually function.

We understand how using AI can bring many disruptive applications to current processes in order to make the world just easier to do.

We want every business, small, medium or large to benefit from this tech. From a coffee trader in Java, a fashion retailer in Berlin, a manufacturer in Manchester, an artist in Croatia.  
HBR gives a good overview here of what it means to work with AI. 

Our Values

Focus on the customer – All else will follow

Dream – Empower and inspire each other

Achieve – Be impactful and make a difference

Strive – Be the best

Provide sustainable value – Build a better future

Our Vision​

Never not Knowing. 
This means there is always a way to find out more useful intelligence. We make that easy. 

Our Mission​

Our mission is Everyone, More Productive, Everyday. 
We can make you Smarter, Faster. 

Palm AI is founded on three principles:


AI is a foundational technology of the future and will open up growth opportunities for all businesses.


Our platform is based on achieving value quickly.


AI strategies need to be integrated to overall business strategy and business outcomes.