Our mission is to empower everyone to use their data better and use it for good things

Using data is hard, using it intelligently is even harder. We're here to help solve that.

About us

We believe every organisation has the opportunity to deliver world-class Customer Experience. We have set out to deliver on this idea by using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence that is simple to use and inclusive for all

We founded Palm AI to help organisations fix their struggles with executing on data and help them harness the power of data in an intelligent and simple way.

We were frustrated by the old adage that data is the new oil and yet so many tools and systems were unable to really take advantage of this resource. So much data goes unused, so much insight goes unseen and even if it is, it’s not acted upon.

Traditional CRM/BI systems, at best, find it difficult to capture all customer touchpoints effectively. It is a workflow that is often seen as a management tool, rather than something that can intelligently add to the customer conversation – which in turn can add significant value.

But what if that were different? What if customers could really benefit from wider context, that new ways of identifying and meeting expectations could be found to make their lives/work easier?  For colleagues, how exciting could it be to always be learning rather than having to crank the same old handle for each new initiative?

Palm AI has been founded to nourish these thoughts, to provide an oasis of clear, strategic thinking and to fan out this intelligence to every stakeholder, customer and colleague.

Using data to build value within an organisation needs to be easy for business users. We are re not all analysts, data is hard and it’s difficult for most people to understand and use. But we all have a thirst for information and intelligence and we love things that make it easier for us to be productive.

We can achieve more and do the right thing for the sustainable long term. Palm AI makes using AI easy for business users, enabling them to make a real difference. We take the boring out of data and turn it into ta-da!  


Our Values

Focus on the customer – All else will follow

Dream – Empower and inspire each other

Achieve – Be impactful and make a difference

Strive – Be the best

Provide sustainable value – Build a better future

Our Vision​

Our vision is that all customers should expect and enjoy relevant, intelligent engagement and experiences with every organisation and brand.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to help all organisations to use AI to optimise customer engagement and deliver business outcomes. Always Delight. 

Palm AI is founded on three principles:


AI represents a significant business opportunity and business risk.


Businesses need an easier way of gaining value from AI.


AI strategies need to be integrated to overall business strategy and business outcomes.