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Get the insights you need quickly and easily with Databuilder’s powerful AI-driven data analysis. This is AI for Business Intelligence. Merge, process and visualize your data in minutes to create stunning reports, presentations, videos and webpages. Your colleagues will be amazed how productive you are and how insightful.

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Automate your Data exploration in minutes - AI for Business Intelligence

Converting data into actionable insights is crucial. Explore different scenarios and get recommendations to help achieve your objectives. Our service is secure and is not open to the internet.  Upload your own data, use publicly available data, or license some from our partners. Blend and integrate it automatically and then process it based on what you want to know. 

Palm ai software
Palm ai software


Unlock your Data with AI - AI for Business Intelligence

We will then train on your customised data set and give your results in minutes. You can accept the data or ask us to further validate for you. Once you’re happy we then process the data based on the outcomes you need, or we recommend new outputs you might like to see. Databuilder is the AI-tool all BI professionals have been searching for. 


Get Results Faster and in the Format you need

We then process the information into charts, narrative or even into video and voiceover. This means you can create presentations, reports other collateral in minutes, not hours. 

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